Big Data in Bandsintown: A Case Study

By A* Meye*, Julia Meisterknecht, Paul Schumacher, and Veronica Loskutova


We chose to analyze Bandsintown, a music service (e.g. website and app) with 26 million users that promotes tour announcements, live concert news, interviews with artists and bands, live music reviews, and concert ticket purchases. app-logoThe app is a personalized platform that suggests new music artists to consumers based on their previously-known and inferred preferences, and users can “track” these artists’ activities, including upcoming tour and concert dates, interviews, personalized fan messages, and important announcements. The service, however, also offers many more benefits to other interest groups, such as marketers and managers, as well as individual artists themselves. Today more than 37,000 artists are using Bandsintown Manager to promote their tours, plan their tour routes based on analytics, and keep in close contact with their fan base. Bandsintown fits perfectly with the topic of big data because it collects massive volumes and varieties of data from different sources and integrates data points with analytics to provide customers with more individualized service. It tracks location data, syncs with a variety of apps (Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) to “scan” users’ music preferences, and has complex predictive algorithms that help it suggest new music, concerts, and tour routes to users. We aim to analyze how the service collects data points, as well as how it uses and computes its collected data.


● User friendly/accessible
● Analytics predicts consumer preferences and demand
● Simultaneously collects data from a myriad of sources
● Caters to a variety of interest groups


● Competition from similar apps (i.e. Spotify, Soundcloud) that also stream music
● Relies on external services for optimal use



Our work timeline will be as follows:

04.10.16-09.10.16: Decide/assign topics to group members (Strengths- Paul, Weaknesses- Amalien, Opportunities- Julia, Threats- Veronica)

10.10.16-16.10.16: Research on individual topics

17.10.16-23.10.16: Present individual research/outline paper

24.10.16-30.10.16: Preparation for midterms

31.10.16-06.11.16: Preparation for midterms

07.11.16-13.11.16: Fill in outline/create a more cohesive paper

14.11.16-20.11.16: Plan and write the web blog post

21.11.16-27.11.16: Edit, finalize, and turn in all assignments


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