CIA – Insight to your Customer


With the changes of technology and the opportunities it brings with it, The possibilities of advertisement has changed drastically. Companies can benefit from the data traces that potential customer leaves in the web by using smartphones, tablets and computers. Such browsing behavior can be a valuable information for companies for Instance, When it comes to advertising products, The winner of the game is whoever makes a better use of the valuable data and not just any data and this is where the Customer Intelligence Appliance developed by IBM – short CIA – joins the game.

First of all a short excurs; as you all are probably aware that IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is an american multinational technology company with operations in over 170 countries. The company is a leading player in the field. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, software and consulting services in the IT field. The company concentrates on Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Enterprise, Social Business and Security. Innovation is one of the cores in the company’s strategy.

One solution developed by the technological company to help companies to benefit from the available data (big data) is the so called Customer Intelligence Appliance.

CIA is  an analytic solution integrating online and physical customer data from a viarity of internal and external sources to improve marketing efficiency. Moreover, it’s an appliance-based solution, that provides an integrated multi-channel view of customers.

The program helps retailers to understand the value of the individual customer and customer Segments. It helps to prioritize marketing to the relevant target group. The program boosts campaign response rate by 10-50%, as retailers leverage channel insights and predictive analytics to attract, engage and retain customers.

IBM CIA big data problem ?

IBM has had an increasing amount of unsatisfied retail executives and analysts with siloed, black-box, inflexible CRM and analytics solutions, So IBM has came up with the solution to use CIA(Customer Intelligence Appliance) that provides an integrated multi-channel view of customers, reports and behavior segmentation.

Although the use if CIA is structured, yet it is massive and heterogeneous which makes it incomprehensible to humans at scale. The rise of ubiquitous computing and more and more endpoints communicating in their own feedback loops with the cloud keeps data growth going at double digit rates were it won’t be possible to keep up with it


The companies can use this service to improve their marketing by creating individualized campains focusing on people who are more likely to purchase the advertised product. Therefore, the program identifies and integrates customers across all channels. As the tool identifies customers, who are more likely in purchasing the product promotional spendings are used in a more efficient way. Moreover the companies know when to “pull the trigger” to lauschig offers.
The tool helps companies attracting customers, deepen the customer-relationship, build longterm relationship and improve customer satisfaction by creating a personalized experience for every single customer. Hence, the companies are more likely to increase their customer base and furthermore retain existing customers, which is always easier than attracting new ones. In conclusion, the sales and the profit will both increase.


The exposure of the customers’ privacy information could be a possible threat, not all customers will be comfortable knowing that some of their private information might be used for future analysis and there is always a slight risk in information disclosure.

When it comes to such a big data projects there are always bad information such as invalid inputs and false information saved in the system which is most likely lead to false conclusions that are based on false information, that’s why data verification filters must be present to avoid any possibilities or at least minimize the bad information added by customers.


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