N26 a Post Bank and Bigdata for Finance Industry

1. Short summary description of the business/service

Number26 (N26) is the Europe’s most modern way of banking. It revolutionizes the traditional banking service and how people spend, save and send money. N26 provides the best online banking system experience for customers.
This new way of banking speeds up all processes and it starts from the moment a new account is created, taking just a few minutes to create one. It is intended to provide a fast, transparent and easy to use service through everyone’s phone.
Transactions are made and shown in real time through mobile apps. Other banks could do the same, but it’s more difficult to implement a system like this due to their existing infrastructure. All possible operations that a conventional bank brand could perform are done and could be undone in just few minutes without the inconvenience of physically to a bank establishment.

If you lose your card, you can block it and unblock it later in case you find it without the need of waiting to get a new card. If someone tries to use your card you can block ATM transactions until you get it back. You can get track of how much money you spend. N26 are regularly innovating high-tech solutions to secure all transactions and detect suspicious activities, allowing the user to accept or block any transaction.

To operate as a bank were affiliated to a banking partner who was the custodian of the money and also had it covered by insurance. N26 customers do not incur any transaction charges. Now that N26 has its own banking license, the same conditions remain. More privileges or benefits could be offered in the future with the much anticipated geographical expansion. “International transfers, savings accounts, investment products, credit offering and insurance will be part of its new products.”


2. Why is it a big data problem?
The N26 is a direct bank relating to account management visa Smartphones. The Bank was founded in 2013 as FinTech – Startup . To carry out the banking transactions it uses the license of Wirecard -Bank, but since July 2016 also, it has its own banking license. In June 2016, the Bank counted 200,000 customers. N26 meets the following criteria that define big data:

1) Volume, the data is voluminous and inconveniently large to be handled by general analysis methods
2) Variety, it is comprised of several different types of attributes that together have an impact on the service
3) Velocity: N26 has 200 000 customers in Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Slovakia who use this system. It is also growing at a steady rate and is anticipated to move into the rest of Europe. The bank has so-called “real-time banking” on, all transactions can be seen within seconds in the app to the customer via push notification appears. Therefore, customer banking data is constantly on the rise
4) Veracity, the information is from different sources, different countries and currencies. This makes it high veracity data.



3. Opportunity and Threat
1) Opportunity

+ Approachability to customers
Unlike traditional banks, N26 has significant approachability. Based on web and mobile applications, Number26 provides not only bank accounts and domestic wire transfers, but also investment products. The customers can easily sign up for the service and verify themselves with video chatting by showing their identity. This is huge opportunity for the customers who feel inconvenienced by traditional banking services. Although
traditional banks also provide online banking service, N26 is more convenient to use because of its user-friendly interaction design.

+ Compatibility with other Fintech services
N26 is currently cooperating with other fintech services namely Transferwire(An overseas wire transfer service through the internet) and Vaamo(A B2B robo-advisor-solutions). By cooperating with other fintech services, N26 has a broad coverage of their services. It means their service is not limited only to banking, but also can be extended to automated financial advisory. This is not yet provided by its competitors. Automated services give N26 a distinct advantage over their competitors. N26 do not need to hire thousands of employees to provide services for their customers. This significantly reduces their overhead expenses on human capital. In addition to the cost saving on human capital, N26 is also better placed to expand to other countries than its competitors.

2) Threat

– Security
Security is one of the most important issues for fintech companies. Because fintech is an emerging market, it is not well recognized by traditional customers, and customers are more likely to be hesitant to commit to N26 because of security threats. In case it is revealed that they do not have enough security on their network infrastructure, N26 will face a significant crisis. Although the threat of security always exists in internet
services, a security issue is more likely to have a higher adverse impact on the repuation of N26 than it would on other general internet services because of the financial nature of the business and the maximum potential loss.

– Credibility(In comparison with its competitors – Traditional banks)
The distinct advantage of the traditional banks is stability based on their long history. Because fintech companies like N26 are young, it will take time for conservative customers to have unreserved confidence on the new fintech services. N26 has to prove that they are financially and technically credible by providing stable services until they are recognized by traditional customers.

By Jaeho Shin, Sicelesile Ndlovu and Moises Daniel Garcia

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