Project Proposal: Cohealo

Group 13

By Dilara Misel, Janosch Jassim, Revazi Chikviladze, Alexandr Korolchuklogo-cohealo2x

What kind of company is Cohealo?

Cohealo is a technology company with a cloud-based software, combining analytics and logistics that lets hospitals exchange and share their non-emergency medical equipment. When in need of a machinery, the hospitals can look up where it is available for them to pick up, so it uses a method similar to Uber or Airbnb. 


How is the company related to Big Data?

Cohealo uses Big Data to share medical resources and costs. To do so, it uses a software with an easy interface drawing on real-time data and usage analytics. Hospitals can register their equipment and get access to a broad centralized data base on a single technology platform on which they provide the assets to anyone who needs it. Cohealo offers a big network of hospitals that have access to more equipment than they have in the stock through this software. The company opened a new market due to the use of Big Data in this context. 


How is it useful for the general public?

It helps the general public by giving hospitals the opportunity not to have to buy or rent expensive equipment. Those machineries are mostly only rarely used after their purchase, so it makes more sense for hospitals to exchange and share them with each other. Moreover, patients do not have to take long drives to various hospitals for their treatment, but can get it right where they live.



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Cohealo uses Big Data to share medical resources and costs. Therefore Cohealo uses a software with an easy interface which uses Real-time data and usage analytics. Cohealo offers a big network of hospitals which have through this software access to more equitment than they have in stock. The company opened due to the use of Big Data a new market.

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