Project Proposal Group 14 (Palantir Gotham)


Jacobs University

Course no: JTBU-020003

Course name: Big Data: Big Boon and Big Brother!?

Project proposal : Palantir Gotham


     “With good data and the right technology, people and institutions today can still solve hard problems and change the world for the better.” – this is one of the Palantir Technologies beliefs and it is one of the reasons why Palantir Technologies is our choice. Palantir Technologies is a software and services company that uses big data for the one purpose, to connect dots, by bringing the data to life and making them understandable for human eye.

Palantir Technologies is a company that has two main products: Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis. As our main subject is going to be Palantir Gotham, due to the fact that Palantir Gotham is what relates humanity with large scale data. Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts, fraud investigators and cyber analysts.

     What Palantir Gotham does is:


     Gotham in action:

One of the biggest projects of Palantir Gotham is Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response. Palantir Gotham organizes themselves and the community to make things easier in the face of unexpected and more responsive when disaster arrives. Their products can integrate massive volumes of data to support crisis response operations on a moment’s notice. Taking into account every consequence of a disaster they have made sure to:

  1. Operate in disconnected environments
  • Palantir Mimosa
  • Palantir Mobile
  • Palantir Forward
  1. Coordinate response efforts
  • Palantir Artemis
  • Nexus Peering
  1. Deliver resources where they’re needed most
  • Palantir Raven
  • Palantir Executive

As the number of hackers trying to access companies database increases, easier it is for Palantir to be able to introduce its products and services to companies. Also Palantir provides services that are used by FBI and CIA. With growing crime rate, Palantir helps in assuring security and their business continues growing.

       Work distribution

Introduction (Palantir Technologies) – Milena Viyacheva

Palantir Gotham – Lauren Mugabo and Juna Kreka

Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response – Samuel Ngwarai

To be determined on later dates: Structure of the project.

 For any change of the work distribution we commit to inform before hand.

Group members                                                         Instructor of the course

Juna Kreka                                                         Prof. Dr. Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm

Lauren Mugabo

Samuel Ngwarai

Milena Viyachena



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