Project Proposal: The ‘IoT’ In Your Home

Authors: Demian Gass, Duygu Budancamanak, Ningxin Li & Saad Ashar Jalees

Home is where we spend majority of our time; why not have a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it? This is the reason why we want to investigate more into the holistic topic of IoT Homes.

Why is it worthwhile?
The Internet of Things makes the home smarter; it will let us focus on the things that are important and have more time of the day. This can be achieved by intelligent temperature changes, smart security systems, smoke detectors, and various sensors and appliances around your home. Coupled with intelligent and self-learning software, the systems become a seamless part of your everyday life allowing you to focus on things that are important. All to make the home safer, less intrusive, and saving us more time from doing the repetitive mundane tasks.

We will focus on the creation of products that have the intention of making living spaces ‘smarter’. Gadgets that take advantage of the connectivity of the Internet to try and make the home a more comfortable place to live. As trinkets like these are being announced only a regular basis, we will focus on a few devices and discuss Nest, a company that was bought by Google; whose mission statement was making a safe and smart home. Moreover, we are going to introduce Nest with the Business Model Canvas.

Apart from that, we are going to discuss the Volume and Velocity of data flown and also investigate on the Variety of Data used. We will also address the issue of privacy and data sharing in the ‘veracity’ part and examine it in the SWOT analysis.


Resources for Research and Interest:

General intro :
Nest :
Intel :
Home security success stories!
Neurio :
Sense :
Amazon Echo; stay connected at home :
Privacy concerns :
Video (looks into home IoT):


One thought on “Project Proposal: The ‘IoT’ In Your Home

  1. Really Interesting topic and very concise way of presenting it! I would have appreciated more information on some of the gadgets that you will explore and maybe some advantages and disadvantages that come with them…


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