The World Bank Group – Project Proposal Team 8

Big Data: Big Boon and Big Brother

Team No. 8
Authors: Damla Arman, Esteban Ceballos, Moritz Deitmar, Juliana Villegas Suárez
Prof. Dr. Adalbert F.X. Wilheim
October 6th, 2016



The World Bank Group


The World Bank is an international financial institution that offers loans, financial and technical assistance, and other customized resources to developing countries. Their current ambitious goals are: to end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.


Adequate policy-making is based on
evidence and good data. The World Bank often has issues when devising aid programs fordeveloping countries, given the scarcity of data and the difficulties that appear when trying to efficiently collect valuable information. This is a topic that greatly appeals to our group not only because of the varied national backgrounds from our group members (Germany, Turkey-Germany, Colombia, and Colombia-Venezuela-Argentina) but also because our fields of studies (General Economics and Management and International Relations) are inextricably combined in the work of  the World Bank Group.



Technological innovations in data collection are helping bridge data gaps. Financial information needed to provide loans, credits and grants can be more efficiently collected if establishing partnerships with local banks, and members of the public and private area. Given that support from the World Bank is directed towards areas such as education, health, infrastructure, agricultural, environmental and natural resource management, and public administration, it is in the interest of developing Big Datacountries’ governments to form cooperations with the institution, and provide previously collected information, such as from general census and polls.



As the world bank compiles data from individual country specific reports, which may vary both in terms of timing as well as data collection methodologies, this can result in data which is not truly comparable though it may seem otherwise when presented in the WB database as the methodology is not reflected in the data.


Date Task Responsible Person
September 30th Brainstorm on topics Individual/All
October 2nd Finalize topic selection & begin project proposal All
October 6th Submit project proposal to Prof. and TA as PDF Juliana
October 6th Upload project proposal on blog Damla
October 13th Finish compiling data/information to be used:

  • Strengths Expert
  • Weaknesses Expert
  • Opportunities Expert
  • Threats Expert

  • Esteban
  • Damla
  • Moritz
  • Juliana
October 25th Begin writing and formatting essay structure All
November 14th Send first draft to TA to get feedback Juliana
November 28th Submit project to Prof. and TA as PDF Esteban
November 28th Upload project on blog Moritz
November 30th Project Presentation All


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